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PostSubject: Rules   Wed May 02, 2007 7:05 am

1.No flamming and double post.
2.No spamming and double account.
3.Respect the admins and mods.
4.Fighting with admins and mods and members are not allowed.
5.Capslock letters in doing post is strictly prohibited.
6.Negative words or bad words that posted about the forum or about admins and mods are not allowed(automatic banned your account if you do this.)
7.Dont send mp or pm message to admins or mods if it is not important
advertising other forums are allowed.
8.No posting of any sexual objects especially avatars and signatures.
9.Only the admins and mods can punish the members whi indeed did the violations.
10.Members can submit to admins a complains or reactions about the mods.
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